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The savvy behind a new prop-tech partnership 

MoxiWorks adds zavvie’s marketplace to its platform, enabling agents and brokerages to present offers from iBuyers and “Power Buyers” to home sellers.

November 4, 2022
3 minutes

Key points:

  • The integration of zavvie on MoxiPresent has the potential to reach more than 400,000 agents who already use MoxiWorks.
  • The new partnership ensures that real estate agents stay at the center of transactions.
  • The additional data that zavvie offers “allows agents to present themselves as market experts.”

A software company that helps home sellers see offers from iBuyers and other non-traditional buyers is showing some savvy via its new partnership with MoxiWorks, a major online platform for agents and brokerages.

The startup zavvie provides software that can synthesize information and data quickly for real estate agents. With the zavvie integration on MoxiPresent, which is already used by more than 800 brokerages across the country, hundreds of thousands of agents will now have the ability to present offers from a broader marketplace of buyers. More than 65,000 agents already use zavvie.

The addition of zavvie allows sellers to see offers from iBuyers like Opendoor and OfferPad, as well as cash offers and buy-before-you-sell opportunities from Power Buyers. These options can be helpful for home sellers who need to move before selling their property, according to MoxiWorks, and when presented alongside other selling options, keep agents involved in the transaction. 

MoxiWorks already is a powerhouse at providing assistance to real estate professionals in managing leads, transactions and marketing services online. The zavvie integration with MoxiPresent, a tool that offers comparative market analysis with MLS data in near real time, "allows agents to seamlessly offer their sellers non-traditional buying options," said Krista Thomsen, director of strategic partnerships for MoxiWorks. 

"The data that zavvie provides about the real estate market allows agents to present themselves as market experts for all traditional and non-traditional home selling options. Agents and brokerages become the subject matter experts for their consumers and that builds trust and rapport for the agent-client relationship," Thomsen said.

A plethora of online real estate resources and options make it more essential than ever to keep real estate professionals at the heart of the consumer experience, said Lane Hornung, zavvie CEO and co-founder, when the partnership was announced.

"MoxiPresent with the new zavvie integration helps agents do this effortlessly," added Jim Crisera, chief operating officer with MoxiWorks. Agents interested in adding the capability to their MoxiPresent platform should request it through their brokerage, according to the company.

Agents can receive market data, including estimates, after entering information about a property. Estimates on homes are based on zavvie's analysis of all institutional buyer purchases in the same market area. From the data, zavvie determines "the average strength of offers" by  institutional buyers as a percentage of market price. 

"We combine that analysis with our data about prep and repairs charges and other fees charged by the various buyers to give sellers an accurate indication of their likely net proceeds in selling to an institutional buyer compared with selling on the open market," said Stefan Peterson, zavvie co-founder and chief data officer.

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