Editorial standards

Authentic. Impartial. Trustworthy.

Everything you see in Real Estate News comes back to these three words. When we explore a topic, it will be to provide understanding, not chase a "gotcha." If problems or challenges are uncovered, Real Estate News will strive to include solutions.

Editorial independence

Real Estate News operates independently but shares a founder and a corporate connection to T3 Sixty, the leading management consultancy for residential real estate. Stefan Swanepoel built T3 Sixty with a commitment to accuracy, objectivity and even-handedness. That commitment extends to journalism of Real Estate News.

Sometimes you will see specialists from T3 Sixty in Real Estate News, quoted as sources or as authors of stories. But you will see them because of their expertise, not corporate ties. They will be held to the same standards as any expert included in Real Estate News.

Verified by Real Estate News

When you see a blue checkmark on our news stories it means:

  • They are written by journalists or vetted experts

  • They are approved, shaped and edited by news professionals

  • They cite data from trusted sources

Real Estate News stands behind every story we publish, and if something is inaccurate we will correct it quickly and publicly.

Journalistic ethics code

Real Estate News employees will earn your trust by:

  • Disclosing personal or financial conflicts of interest to newsroom leadership, and stepping back from affected coverage and/or disclosing the conflict in the story.

  • Refusing gifts that could be seen as affecting editorial coverage, with an exception made for trinkets of nominal value.

  • Operating with integrity in social media, which means attributing information, treating everyone with respect and separating journalistic content from personal material.


Real Estate News is built on the commitment of trust and impartiality. Advertisements, sponsorships and paid content are clearly identified. Advertising with Real Estate News plays no part in coverage decisions. Similarly, paid content is produced and presented separately from news content and must abide by Real Estate News Paid Content Guidelines:

  • Topics must be of interest to the audience, not purely self-serving

  • Stories must be accurate and balanced; no misleading material

  • Content neither incites nor condones discrimination or unlawful behavior

Links and attribution

Real Estate News will attribute material and quotes to their sources, and provide context that shows why that source is credible.

Links in news stories will be created for legitimate journalistic purposes, to provide additional information about a topic or subject of a story.

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