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Zillow begins rolling out its latest ShowingTime+ feature 

An on-demand photography service, now available in a handful of major metros, is the company's latest step in building an agent "super app."

January 18, 2023
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Key points:

  • The company has launched Listing Media Services in several U.S. markets, including Dallas and Los Angeles, with more to follow in the coming days.
  • The new service allows agents to schedule a photographer and create floor plans and virtual tours for their listings.

Zillow has begun rolling out its newest feature for its ShowingTime+ service: a photography service for agents who want to make their listings shine.

The company announced that it has launched Listing Media Services in the Milwaukee, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles markets. Tampa and Orlando are coming online in a few days, with more markets to follow.

The new service allows agents to schedule a professional photographer with on-demand booking for listing photos. Along with photos, other options for agent listings include interactive floor plans and virtual tours.

Agents simply select their media package, schedule a photographer and enter a few details about the property. ShowingTime+ will take it from there, according to the company

"We want to help agents effortlessly deliver standout listings that wow their sellers and help win over potential buyers," said Cynthia Taylor, vice president of product for ShowingTime+. "Listing Media Services cuts down on the time agents spend preparing a listing so they can focus on the high-touch, high-value work they do as a trusted adviser for their clients."

Zillow took significant steps toward this new feature late last year, when it acquired VRX Media.

"Listing media is a crucial part of selling a home, and we are focused on creating an immersive customer experience that makes listings stand out," said Jun Choo, senior vice president of ShowingTime+, in December. "With VRX Media, ShowingTime+ will give agents elevated listing products unlike anything available today and will transform the way they prepare and market their for-sale listings."

Zillow is banking on the idea that this feature is coming out at an opportune time for agents. With the real estate market still in a reset mode, the company believes this is the sort of feature that will help a listing stand out and allow agents to compete for a smaller pool of clients.

In its own research, Zillow found 70% of sellers say they are more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours and/or interactive floor plans in their services. The company also found that 39% of recent first-time sellers thought they could have gotten a higher sale price with better listing photos, while another 25% thought a virtual home tour would have helped boost the final selling price.

ShowingTime+ is a key part of Zillow's services as it works toward building a "super app" that helps agents all the way through the transaction process. Along with Listing Media Services, the services include ShowingTime, dotloop and Bridge Interactive. Listing Showcase is expected to arrive later this year.

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