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Agents Decoded: 5 ways to uplevel a luxury home showing 

Discerning buyers have high expectations, says luxury pro Farrah Brittany of The Agency, who shares tips for creating a memorable showing.

July 3, 2023
4 minutes

The direction of your business depends on decisions you make every day. Agents Decoded can help you by presenting the perspectives of seasoned pros who have been there, made mistakes, and found success. This Luxury Edition explores challenges unique to the luxury market.

Showcasing a luxury home is one of my favorite aspects of my job — it's a true art.

But presenting a property to the discerning luxury buyer also requires careful planning, attention to detail and thoughtful storytelling. Here are five essential tips to help you prepare for a luxury home showing that will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers — and land an offer in your inbox.

1. Be an expert on the property

Before you schedule a single showing, you should be an expert on the home. Get to know its unique selling points, architectural features and amenities. Familiarity with the property will allow you to highlight its standout features — such as high-end finishes, state-of-the-art technology, or breathtaking views — in a seamless way throughout the tour. 

With every opportunity you have to demonstrate your knowledge, you also have the opportunity to instill confidence in potential buyers and create a memorable experience.

2. Prepare the home to perfection

Ensure the property is professionally cleaned, well-maintained and staged just right. Use the services of a professional stager to enhance the home's aesthetics, and tell a story that helps the buyer envision its potential. Lighting, temperature and ambiance all matter — curate a warm and inviting atmosphere that touches all the senses and creates excitement. 

3. Curate a customized experience

Part of creating a luxury experience is customization, and it's important to take the extra step of tailoring the showing experience to the individual buyer. This involves understanding your client's style, preferences, goals, family structure and lifestyle. Focus on the aspects of the property that align with their specific interests and needs. For example, if your client is an art enthusiast, highlight the home's gallery space or display potential areas for artwork. Personalizing the showing will increase your client's emotional connection to the property.

4. Make your marketing editorial

I'm constantly inspired by marketing campaigns outside the real estate industry — in fashion, decor, technology, music, etc. Utilize a great photographer and videographer to capture the home's essence in a way that goes beyond the typical listing photos. Have beautiful materials at the home to take away after the showing. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tools can also provide immersive experiences, allowing buyers to visualize the property's potential. Think high-fashion and high-tech whenever you can. 

5. Showcase the lifestyle in an experiential way

Real estate isn't just about selling a home, it's about presenting a lifestyle. And to do that, you need to understand the target market so you can emphasize the property features that fit with their aspirations. Help buyers visualize themselves in the home — what would they be doing? How would it feel? 

If the home boasts a gourmet kitchen, showcase it by organizing cooking demonstrations or private chef tastings. Host an exclusive pool party with influencers, leads and other agents. If the property includes amenities like a home theater, fitness center or wine cellar, plan activities that demonstrate the lifestyle potential. I find that providing experiential moments can entice buyers and create momentum with interest. It's also an opportunity to flex your skills and step into the roles of creative director, event planner and researcher. 

Thoughtful attention and meticulous care are key when preparing a luxury home for the eyes of discerning buyers. Anticipate their needs and strive to impress at every touchpoint. The home will be as magnetic as the energy you put into it, so get creative, think outside the box and create a polished experience that transforms a listing into a future home.

Farrah Brittany is one of the founding members of the global boutique brokerage The Agency. Since becoming an agent in 2011, Farrah has worked on a multitude of multimillion-dollar sales, and she represents both buyers and sellers on deals of all sizes, across the globe and in LA's most desirable neighborhoods. She can also be seen on the Netflix reality series "Buying Beverly Hills." The views expressed in this column are solely those of the author.

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