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People on the Move: Longtime Redfin exec departs 

Adam Wiener, Redfin’s president of real estate services and "moral compass," is leaving after more than 15 years with the company.

September 1, 2023
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Editor's note: As an industry with millions of agents and over 100,000 brokerage companies, new leaders rise to the top every day. Here we highlight executives and other notable leaders who've recently taken on, or stepped away from, roles that influence the residential real estate landscape. 

A longtime Redfin executive is leaving the company as it continues to work through a slower, challenging real estate market.

CEO Glenn Kelman announced this week that Adam Wiener is leaving his position as president of real estate services. Wiener joined Redfin in 2007, just three years after the company was founded, working his way up to the president position. His last day is Sept. 8.

Adam Wiener, President, Real Estate Operations at Redfin.
Adam Wiener, President, Real Estate Operations at Redfin.

In a blog post, Kelman said there are no plans to fill Wiener's position and that others within the company will take on new responsibilities.

Kelman had plenty of positive things to say about Wiener, calling him a "moral compass" for Redfin and its consumer focus.

"He's one of the smartest, kindest, most hard-working and creative folks you'll ever meet. His command of our business is awe-inspiring," Kelman said.

However, Kelman added: "We couldn't keep doing things the way we've done with Adam, and we shouldn't try. Change is necessary and good."

Redfin has gone through a series of changes as home sales have remained sluggish, and that's included layoffs and a significant drop in its stock price this summer. In the blog post, Kelman said the company's business has begun to recover, and "will do even better in 2024."

What's next for Wiener? "Within a year, Adam will probably be running his own show, at another company also poised to conquer the world. He has long been ready to do that," Kelman said.

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