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Tech Bytes: News from Lone Wolf, RealScout, Real Brokerage 

Lone Wolf unveils end-to-end platform; agent-client collaboration platform RealScout gets an upgrade; Real announces new app, enhanced AI and marketing tech.

October 24, 2023
5 minutes

Editor's note: Technology is a driving force in real estate. From startups to established players, tech companies are constantly innovating, growing and forging partnerships. Here we highlight some of the latest news about the companies that help power the industry. 

Lone Wolf puts transaction tools into 'holistic' platform

Lone Wolf Technologies unveiled its end-to-end transaction platform this week, sharing a hands-on experience with hundreds of attendees at the T3 Tech Summit in Fort Worth, Texas.

The platform, called Lone Wolf Foundation, pulls together more than a dozen "modules" — CRM, forms, signatures, market intelligence, cloud CMAs, websites, accounting and more — into a connected experience. There's one login and endless potential integrations with third-party applications.

Chief Technology Officer Sean Wheeler described it as "holistic view around a transaction, rather than a haphazard experience" where an agent needs to access nine different tools to get a deal done. With Lone Wolf Foundation, data is entered once and flows throughout.

Each module of Lone Wolf Foundation can be a free-standing solution or a door into the entire platform. It will be rolling out in phases over the next six to nine months, built with an agile development approach that is responsive to customer feedback and engagement.

"A brokerage doesn't want to have to stitch together technology," said Chief Revenue Officer Matt Keenan. "Our modular approach delivers a value proposition around efficiency, efficacy and cost management."

Aaron Kardell, vice president of product for Lone Wolf, told Real Estate News in September that the platform will make it easier for agents and brokers to "take control of their business and their service to clients." And in challenging times, the stakes are even higher. "It's extremely important we keep pushing to get it in their hands as soon as possible," Kardell said.

RealScout announces lead nurture upgrade in RealScout Pro+

Agent-client collaboration platform RealScout has launched an upgrade designed to help automate lead nurturing and improve performance for teams.

RealScout Pro+ marks the company's most significant platform update since its founding in 2012, RealScout said in a news release. The update's flagship new feature, Auto Nurture, is designed to automate database marketing for both agents and teams. The feature sends contacts high-engagement listing alerts, Home Value Alerts and market activity alerts. 

The new Home Value Alerts tool targets potential sellers with multiple automated valuation estimates, including the Zestimate.

"We're incredibly excited to unveil Auto Nurture as part of the RealScout Pro+ release," said

Andrew Flachner, president and co-founder of RealScout. "The impact of this feature has proven to be immediate, meaningful, and quantifiable for many of our customers." RealScout has been piloting Auto Nurture with top-producing teams, and they have responded enthusiastically to the new tool, the company noted.

The upgraded platform also features additional integrations with popular CRMs, and a new Team account type that allows teams to pool their databases and more easily share contacts.

The Real Brokerage unveils new tech at RISE 2023

One Real consumer app

Real Chief Technology Officer Pritesh Damani unveiled a new consumer-facing app to help with mortgage applications at the company's annual RISE conference this week.

Using the new One Real app, agents can now offer clients the option to get pre-approved for a mortgage in minutes, the company said in a news release. After pre-approval, buyers can then complete their application with One Real Mortgage and communicate directly with a loan officer, all from the app.

Both consumers and agents can track progress from start to close, and the app will notify agents when their clients have completed the application.

For buyers in any of the 20 states where One Real Mortgage operates, the app can help them close in as little as two weeks.

"As a company at the forefront of innovation in residential real estate, we've leveraged cutting-edge technologies, including AI, to transform how our agents operate," Damani said. "With the launch of our consumer app, were streamlining the home buying and selling process for agents and their clients and advancing towards our ultimate vision: a one-stop home buying solution."

Leo 2.0

The next generation of Real's virtual concierge was rolled out this week.

The company announced the launch of Leo in May; now, they're introducing Leo 2.0. The natural-language chat tool uses AI and Real's transaction management platform, reZEN, to answer questions in real time and predict what agents want to know based on their past behavior. In addition, by analyzing Real's user base, Leo 2.0 is designed to anticipate what agents need to know but haven't yet asked.

"What we've developed taps into the power of every interaction across our 12,000+ user base," said Andrei Vazhnov, vice president of product architecture. "We can leverage AI technologies to answer natural language questions as well as suggest relevant information and actions users should take to keep the process moving. Even when a user doesn't realize what comes next, we like to say: Leo already knows."

New marketing tools

Real also announced enhancements to its marketing tools, including an end-to-end agent Listing Toolkit, a Digital Asset Management System and an updated Design Center which gives Real agents easier access to the company's marketing resources.

The Agent Listing Toolkit includes consumer listing presentation tools, digital and video marketing assets, and coaching and training for agents.

The Digital Asset Management System holds all of Real's creative materials and content, organized to help agents find and distribute the marketing tools.

The Creative Studio is a new portal featuring a redesigned library of resources and a design center that integrates with Real's MLS data feed, eliminating the need to manually enter data.

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