Dear Coach with Tom Ferry
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Dear Coach: How to find your mojo and juggle tasks 

Tom Ferry offers advice on "choosing your hard" and building in time to work on your business.

November 16, 2023
3 minutes

Need some life advice? You've got friends for that. Looking to grow your business? Turn to one of the most trusted names in real estate coaching. Tom Ferry is here to offer practical tips — and maybe a pep talk — to get you moving in the right direction. If you have a question for Tom, email us, and it may be featured in a future column.

This market has me feeling discouraged and unmotivated. What do you recommend to help me get my mojo back?

First of all, you're not alone. I've heard this question in many forms recently.

But that doesn't let you off the hook — unless you're OK with settling for average. You have to decide: Are you willing to do the work to compete in this market, or is it too much for you to handle? Only you know the answer.

If you're all in, then make sure your focus is in the right place. Are you dwelling on the difficulties or looking at the fact that $96 billion commission dollars will still be made in a "down" market? There's plenty of opportunity to succeed. It's time to choose your hard.

Finally, take time to identify a big, meaningful goal that will fire you up and launch you into massive action. Get after it!

I struggle handling all the busywork and daily tasks along with the big-picture, important initiatives to grow my business. How do I juggle it all successfully?

"Urgent vs. Important" is an eternal struggle for entrepreneurs. For me, it all comes down to time-blocking your calendar. Remember, work expands to fill the time we allow for its completion, so if you're not setting aside specific time blocks to work "on" your business, you'll never get around to it.

From there, it's a matter of having the discipline to stick to your schedule and make sure you're not letting so-called "emergencies" infringe on business-building time. The catch, though, is that everyone's level of personal discipline varies, even from day to day. That's where having a coach builds consistency into your actions — regardless of how you're feeling or how busy you are!

Tom Ferry is the founder and CEO of Ferry International, a leading real estate coaching and training company. He has more than 35,000 hours of coaching experience and works daily to help agents and brokers grow a prosperous business while simultaneously balancing — and loving — their personal lives. The views expressed in this column are solely those of the author.

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