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NAR shares ‘real story’ of leadership, strategic shifts 

New messages from Interim CEO Nykia Wright and President Kevin Sears lay out changes to “presidential initiatives,” NAR’s Leadership Team and culture work.

February 19, 2024
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In this "challenging moment for the real estate industry and for NAR," the interim CEO of the National Association of Realtors is sharing "the real story" of the organization's progress.

A Feb. 16 message from Nykia Wright said "NAR recognizes the challenges of the moment and we are focused on moving our association and our industry forward."

Specifically, the association has made some recent changes to leadership and to its priorities:

Pausing "presidential initiatives." NAR President Kevin Sears last week said the NAR Leadership Team will wind down Ignite Others, a project championed by former president Tracy Kasper, and put other presidential pet projects on hold during his tenure.

The move was made "based on direct feedback from our members," he said in a message to Realtors. "The spirit of the program and many of its resources will continue on in other core NAR programs." 

Adding members to NAR's Leadership Team, which guides the association's strategic direction and policymaking. The Leadership Team usually includes the CEO, president, president-elect and immediate past president, among others. But the unexpected resignation of Kasper and subsequent early elevation of president-elect Sears into the role of president created some gaps.

Two former NAR presidents, Sharon Millett and Vince Malta, joined the Leadership Team in January.

Driving "culture transformation" with the help of organizational consultant Karyn Detje, who will also help the organization find a new chief people officer. NAR has put together a Transformation Commission and a Policies and Procedures Task Force that are working to find ways to reshape the organization and "promote an environment of transparency and accountability," Wright said.

In his message last week, Sears told Realtors: "We have and will continue to implement your feedback as we work towards a better tomorrow."

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