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'Unfiltered' podcast: Top economist on steering and MLS value 

Watch the conversation as Bright MLS chief economist Lisa Sturtevant gets into the data-driven truth behind whether agents seek homes with higher commissions.

May 10, 2024
1 minute

NextHome CEO James Dwiggins has emerged as a significant voice on the topics that are shaping the real estate industry: lawsuits, innovation, leadership. But Dwiggins doesn't just answer questions, he asks them of guests on Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, his podcast with Keith Robinson, NextHome's chief strategic officer.

On this week's episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, Bright MLS Chief Economist Lisa Sturtevant breaks down a pair of timely studies produced by Bright, which is one of the nation's largest and most influential MLSs.

Watch now to learn more: Do agents "steer" buyers to homes with higher commissions? Do homes listed on the MLS sell for more money and get more offers? Sturtevant has the answers to these questions and the data to back it up.

"If agents are steering based on the offer of compensation, then when there's a lower offer, those homes are going to take a lot longer to sell, right?" Sturtevant said. "But we just frankly didn't see that at all. It just wasn't happening."

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