York Baur, outgoing CEO, MoxiWorks
Illustration by Lanette Behiry/Real Estate News

Longtime CEO steps down at MoxiWorks 

York Baur will remain on the board of directors, while Eric Elfman, a tech leader from outside the real estate industry, moves into the top role.

June 3, 2024
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York Baur, a respected leader of one of the industry's most influential tech companies, has left his role as MoxiWorks CEO. He will remain on the company's board of directors.

And as of today, MoxiWorks has a new CEO: Eric Elfman, a tech exec who is entering the real estate world after more than a decade as CEO and co-founder at Onit, an enterprise legal solutions company that he grew from $0 to $100 million in revenue.

What Baur had to say: "I'm beyond proud of everything we've accomplished these last 12 years, and I know this move is going to help propel MoxiWorks to its next phase of growth," Baur said in a statement. "The Board and I are confident that Eric's experience and strategic vision make him the right person to advance our innovative product strategy and accelerate growth."

Baur has been CEO of MoxiWorks since 2012, and in that time the company has grown to serve 800 brokerage and mortgage companies and more than 400,000 agents. MoxiWorks provides a suite of products designed to help brokerages and agents manage everything from client interactions to transactions to reporting with maximum efficiency — an evolving challenge in a quickly changing space.

Eric Elfman, CEO, MoxiWorks.
Eric Elfman, CEO, MoxiWorks.

What MoxiWorks had to say: "We want to thank York for his strong leadership as the CEO," said Rob Amen, managing director at Vector Capital and a member of MoxiWorks' board of directors. "MoxiWorks would simply not have its unmatched enterprise market position and award-winning product portfolio without York's hard work, leadership, and commitment to the company."

What the company's new CEO had to say: "While I'm new to real estate, I'm acutely aware that I'm joining MoxiWorks at a time of great change in residential real estate," Elfman said.

"We're committed to helping our community successfully navigate these changes, giving them access to the latest technology to help maximize productivity and success."

With Vector Capital's support, Elfman said, "we're investing heavily in being the company that most understands the realities of agent life today."

How AI fits into this shift: The MoxiWorks announcement, like most tech-related news of late, played up the AI aspect of this move, calling out the company's intent to leverage artificial intelligence to "support the new realities of being an agent."

Elfman's previous company, Onit, bills itself as a "leading provider of AI." And, as the MoxiWorks statement made clear, Elfman has been tasked with "accelerating the development of a modern platform for agents in brokerages of all sizes, leveraging the power of AI."

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