Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered - Mitch Robinson

'Unfiltered' podcast: Using the media to your advantage 

Watch the conversation with industry news leader Mitch Robinson as he offers advice for working with local news outlets to “tell your story in a proactive way.”

June 6, 2024
2 minutes

NextHome CEO James Dwiggins has emerged as a significant voice on the topics that are shaping the real estate industry: lawsuits, innovation, leadership. But Dwiggins doesn't just answer questions, he asks them of guests on Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, his podcast with Keith Robinson, NextHome's chief strategic officer.

On this week's episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, Real Estate News President Mitch Robinson explains why the mainstream media doesn't always get the story right, and shares tips for how real estate professionals can help set the record straight — and gain exposure — through local news outlets.

Watch now to learn more: In the past year, lawsuits, leadership shakeups and other industry controversies have gained national attention — much of it negative. "You can get angry," says Robinson, but "it's not going to do a whole lot of good." 

"The industry is now exposed to consumers in a way it never has been before, from a media perspective," Robinson notes. While that can feel uncomfortable, it also means agents and other real estate professionals have an opportunity to reach out to local media and help guide the narrative.

"Why aren't you approaching these folks and trying to share proactive information? They're always looking for people to talk to. And so I really suggest you get some minor media training or figure it out on your own and start engaging and know the people in your community where you can tell your story in a proactive way."

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