Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered: James Dwiggins, Keith Robinson, Jay Baer
Illustration by Lanette Behiry/Real Estate News

'Unfiltered' podcast: What clients want, and how to deliver it 

Watch the conversation with strategist Jay Baer as he explains how to create better client outcomes by avoiding common pitfalls and “yesterday’s thinking.”

June 13, 2024
2 minutes

NextHome CEO James Dwiggins has emerged as a significant voice on the topics that are shaping the real estate industry: lawsuits, innovation, leadership. But Dwiggins doesn't just answer questions, he asks them of guests on Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, his podcast with Keith Robinson, NextHome's chief strategic officer.

On this week's episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, marketing expert and business strategist Jay Baer shares data-driven tips for improving the customer experience in real estate. (And as a bonus, you'll get to hear how he sold the domain to Anheuser-Busch for 50 cases of beer.)

Watch now to learn more: "Customer service starts when the customer experience fails," says Baer — so how can real estate professionals proactively improve client experiences to prevent disappointment and frustration? 

The first step: "Go from instinct to data." For agents, that means thinking through — and writing down — all the ways you might interact with buyers and sellers, figuring out the best scenario for each interaction, and asking, "how are we doing versus that ideal state?" 

Two other key tips: 

  • Tell your clients everything. In this era of constant notifications, consumers expect to be informed in real time. "There's this idea that … if you provide that level of granularity to the buyer or seller, that's just going to annoy, distract, confuse them — I think that is yesterday's thinking in every possible way."

  • Set realistic expectations. "So now everybody expects everything to happen instantly. You have to condition yourself to underpromise and overdeliver. And in real estate we make the mistake of doing the opposite, because we don't want to disappoint the client, right?" Baer's advice: "Stop doing that. You're much better disappointing them slightly now than way more later. And that's just a way of doing business that will actually help you a lot if you stick to it."

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