Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered with guest Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa
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'Unfiltered' podcast: How agents can show their value in 5 minutes 

Watch the conversation with CubiCasa leader Jeff Allen as he discusses the “magic” of capturing floor plans and how they can boost agents’ value proposition.

June 20, 2024
2 minutes

NextHome CEO James Dwiggins has emerged as a significant voice on the topics that are shaping the real estate industry: lawsuits, innovation, leadership. But Dwiggins doesn't just answer questions, he asks them of guests on Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, his podcast with Keith Robinson, NextHome's chief strategic officer.

On this week's episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, CubiCasa President Jeff Allen talks about how he went from being "the lockbox guy" to a floor plan evangelist and leader of a fast-growing tech company. 

Plus, hear his thoughts on the role of appraisers — and how agents can monetize data collection by using a product that works like "magic." 

Watch now to learn more: 

The U.S. has a "floor plan problem," says Allen: "We know consumers really want them. Floor plans always rank really high. It's something people want because it helps them really deeply understand, 'Is this the right place for me?'"

Listing agents should be taking note — and buyer agents should be too, especially as they consider ways to differentiate themselves and boost their value proposition.

"When they're walking somebody through a property that they're particularly interested in, I think the buyer's agent can add a lot of value by just doing a scan when you're doing the showing. 'Hey, you guys walk around for five minutes. I'm going to get this scan.' What you get out of that is a really detailed sense of the property that the buyer can hold on to and look at and start making plans on."

And as agents consider their place in a post-settlement future, they should be looking at ways to leverage tech (but shouldn't fear being replaced by it), Allen says.

"Fundamentally, this is a human thing, you know, it's scary as hell buying a house. Do I think the settlement and the changes in compensation and all of that are going to have an impact? For sure — I think there's probably going to be some agent reduction. But I think it's also a huge opportunity for people to ask, 'How can I be more effective and efficient with the resources I do have and add more value?'"

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