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'Unfiltered' podcast: Share your stories, not your sales volume 

Watch the conversation with speaker and “crazy idea” guy Kyle Scheele as he explains how the power of storytelling can foster lasting client relationships.

June 28, 2024
2 minutes

NextHome CEO James Dwiggins has emerged as a significant voice on the topics that are shaping the real estate industry: lawsuits, innovation, leadership. But Dwiggins doesn't just answer questions, he asks them of guests on Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, his podcast with Keith Robinson, NextHome's chief strategic officer.

On this week's episode of Real Estate Insiders Unfiltered, Kyle Scheele — an author, public speaker and creative thinker — encourages everyone to "chase their own crazy ideas," while sharing some of his own. Centaur bikes and fake marathons, anyone?

Watch now to learn more: Everyone is creative, says Scheele: "Part of being a human being is coming up with new things, solving new problems, combining old things and trying something new, looking at things from different angles." 

In real estate, agents are solving problems every day — and creating opportunities to tell a story.

"I find that human beings connect really well through story. And so whether that's in your marketing or social media or your in-person outreach, I think that telling stories of either how you've worked together with people or ways that you've solved problems for clients or how you went the extra mile for this person, that's what people remember. If you told me your sales volume for last year, I would forget it before this call is even over."

Communicating your value, says Scheele, is more important than ever with commissions lawsuits making headlines and consumers questioning agent fees.

"The people that I know who actually do really well, they work their butts off. And they're the ones going, oh, 'I've got to figure out how to get this pipe fixed because the inspection is happening in ten minutes.' It's a lot of troubleshooting, but that's the sort of stuff that doesn't get shared. And I think by sharing that, you would alleviate some of those questions about where this money is going and how you're earning it."

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