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2022 Real Estate Almanac Technology Services

Top Technology Providers (Tech 500)

Source: T3 Sixty
Report date: January 2022

The Tech 500 is T3 Sixty's annual list of the leading real estate tech providers and products. The list is designed to help brokers, agents and teams evaluate and choose technologies that will support and streamline their businesses.


  • The 2022 list includes 369 products from 262 companies mapped across the real estate technology landscape.

  • Products are organized by how they are used in the industry and presented in seven sections, ranging from Enterprise to Post Funnel.

  • The product sections are further divided into categories; the Top of Funnel section has the most categories at 25, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Website Lead Generation Platforms.

  • In a reflection of evolving real estate technology, the 2022 Tech 500 includes two new categories: Digital Payments (Bottom of Funnel) and Data Services (Broker Platforms).

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