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Buyers and sellers

Understanding buyers in 2022

Source: Zillow
Report date: September 2022

Zillow's 2022 Consumer Housing Trends Report notes that while the pandemic and market shifts may impact buyer preferences over the long term, demographics and attitudes appear largely consistent with findings from recent years.


  • Buyer characteristics haven't changed much over the past few years: The typical buyer is 44 years old, has a partner or spouse and at least some college education, and is selling a home in the South.

  • The share of buyers who identify as LGBTQ+ has been on a slight upward trend since Zillow first included the question in their survey in 2019. 10% of buyers in the 2022 report self-identify as LGBTQ+.

  • Dogs outnumber cats — and kids: 57% of buyers own a dog, while 39% have a cat and 40% have children under 18.  

  • After dipping to 37% in 2021, the share of first-time buyers rebounded to 45%.

  • Most buyers (89%) use an agent at some point in their buying process, an increase from 82% in 2021. Trustworthiness is the most important attribute among buyers who used an agent.

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