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Tech Bytes: ShowingTime+ adds markets, MoxiWorks offers management portal, more 

Listing Media Services in 6 new markets, MoxiWorks partners with Milestones, Revive partners with NextHome, CubiCasa adds MLS partners, Mosaik launches.

March 10, 2023
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Editor's note: Technology is a driving force in real estate. From startups to established players, tech companies are constantly innovating, growing and forging partnerships. Here we highlight some of the latest news about the companies that help power the industry. 

ShowingTime+ service expands to new markets

In January, Zillow launched Listing Media Services, one component of its ShowingTime+ suite of tools and services, in select markets. Now, the tech-enabled photography service is available to agents in six more metros: Houston, Jacksonville, San Diego, Phoenix, Chicago and San Francisco. 

Listing Media Services lets agents schedule a professional photographer with on-demand booking. In addition to listing photos, the service offers interactive floor plans and virtual tours, and recently added "virtual twilight photos" in response to agent feedback.

Zillow noted that 39% of first-time sellers in a recent survey believe better listing photos would have improved the offers they received. In a market where fewer buyers are taking action, the new service may help agents create listings that stand out to a smaller pool of buyers.

Listing Media Services and the other components of ShowingTime+ are part of Zillow's effort to create an agent "super app" that can help agents navigate all aspects of a home purchase or sale.

MoxiWorks offering 'homeownership management portal' to customers

MoxiWorks, a leader in real estate tech, has partnered with Milestones Labs to give its customers a new tool: a homeownership management portal — an industry first, according to a statement released by the company. MoxiWorks, which offers a tech platform used by more than 800 brokerages nationwide, said the portals will help agents and brokers "create loyal clients for life." 

How? By "keeping agents in front of their clients while building and nurturing relationships with them between transactions," according to the news release. Agents can set up custom portals for their clients to provide information including home values, moving resources and maintenance recommendations, allowing them to continue nurturing the client relationship after the transaction is complete.

"There's an endless list of golden moments attached to the homeownership journey, and if we can switch our mindset beyond just the transaction, agents can be top of mind for each of those moments and win more listings in the future," said MoxiWorks CEO York Baur. He added that in a slower market, building and maintaining a pipeline is especially important and can pay dividends in the long run.

"At Milestones, we've always aimed to integrate with innovative technology offerings and elevate the industry as a whole. Our partnership with MoxiWorks is an exciting step forward in our commitment to empowering real estate professionals and delivering exceptional service to our clients," said Milestones CEO Dustin Gray. 

Revive + NextHome aim to deliver more move-in-ready homes

Presale renovation company Revive, which fronts renovation costs for sellers and home flippers, has partnered with NextHome, a real estate franchisor with more than 600 offices across the U.S. 

With the partnership, NextHome agents will be able to supply buyers with more move-in-ready homes, the company said in a news release, which also noted that a high percentage of millennials, the largest buyer segment, are seeking move-in-ready homes. By offering Revive's presale renovation product to their seller clients, NextHome agents can both garner a higher sale price for their sellers and create more listings that appeal to buyers, according to the release.

Revive sellers average $186,000 more than the cost of their renovations, said Co-Founder Dalip Jaggi, which means that NextHome agents have an opportunity to increase their total commissions through the partnership. 

Revive Founder Michael Alladawi added, "NextHome is a franchise for the future, well-known for leaning into innovation in the real estate industry to lead the way. Together, we can deliver more of what buyers want in today's market: move-in ready homes." 

Revive recently acquired HomePrep, another renovation company, to expand their reach to all 50 states.

CubiCasa continues its march into new markets

CubiCasa, a software company that allows users to create free floor plans through its app, has added five more MLSs to its partnership program which launched in December.

Montana Regional MLS, Valley MLS in Alabama, South Tahoe Association of Realtors (STAOR), Western Arizona MLS (WARDEX) and Mexico-based Omni MLS are now offering CubiCasa's tools to their members. The company added three MLS partnerships in February, and with its most recent additions, has agreements with MLSs in 10 states and Mexico.

"We're thrilled with the number of MLS organizations that have joined our program to provide their agents with the tools needed to succeed in today's evolving real estate environment," said Jeff Allen, president of CubiCasa. "As we continue to bolster our program offering, we welcome MLSs that are looking to provide their members with an easy-to-use, free floor plan tool that will help them better serve their customers. Together we can make floor plans the new standard on home listings across the U.S."

Startup Mosaik introduces agent platform

A new real estate tech company announced the release of its software platform for agents, teams and brokerages, which it brands as a "digital sidekick."

Mosaik offers an all-in-one platform designed for agents to use once a lead becomes a client. The product offers three main features: workflow management for agents, which includes personalized property analyses; a client experience engine, with an integrated client interface; and advanced analytics with custom reporting capabilities.

The company was founded in March 2020 by Sheila Reddy, who has a background in technology and real estate investment. Reddy and her team focused their first year on research and foundational work, and product development began in 2021.

"When I started Mosaik, it was originally with a heavy focus on the client experience and solving some of the frustrations I personally experienced," said Reddy. "Through the development and feedback process, we realized there was an inextricable link between the client experience and the agent experience, so we accelerated our roadmap to enhance the agent workflow management and analytics side of the platform before taking it to market."

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