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Dusty LaBossiere, Century 21 Results.
Dusty LaBossiere, Century 21 Results. (Illustration by Lanette Behiry/Real Estate News)

Why one team is pushing hard on Listing Showcase — and seeing results 

Agent Dusty LaBossiere of Century 21 in Georgia says sellers have been “super excited about the product,” and it’s giving his team a competitive advantage.

March 14, 2024
4 minutes

Listing Showcase from ShowingTime+ initially launched in 2023 and has been growing steadily since hitting markets across America. Featuring elevated exposure on Zillow, enhanced and immersive listing media and added branding opportunities, Listing Showcase is an exciting tool for agents and teams looking to take a listing to the next level.

Dusty LaBossiere is part of the Century 21 Results team in Georgia, and his crew has been utilizing Listing Showcase since Fall 2023. We took some time to chat with Dusty about his team's experience with Listing Showcase and the impact it has had on their business. Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

What was your experience with your first Showcase listing?

I had a great experience. We sold for full list price. Sellers were super excited about the product, and it just looks good on Zillow. So we're incorporating this in a big way on our brokerage team, but really on our internal team, the elite team. We've got about 24 agents on our team. 

We did about 165 deals last year, but we're really trying to sell it hard in our listing presentation in a package called "The Zillow Experience," which includes 3D Interactive tours and Listing Showcase. We also tie inListing Media Services and go down a checklist of what could be provided from a media standpoint. We tell sellers, hey, if you want greener grass, digital staging, the twilight effect, here are ALL the possible add-ons. That way, they can see we have the ability to bring a whole a la carte menu of services. So we're building it into our listing presentation in a big way, training our agents to convert big time around the Zillow experience.

Out of all the Showcase listing features, what are some of your personal favorites?

It's a small thing, but I like the "Showcase" icon on the maps. As you're going through, your attention just gets drawn toward anything that stands out from the regular for-sale icons.

And then I like the look and feel of that listing more than just a general Zillow one — it showcases the listing agent in a more distinct manner. And I like how the rooms are grouped together. They package up all the different photos by room, and you can drag and drop through the different pins to get to different views. You can see a bird's-eye view of where you're looking at in the house.

What kind of results are you seeing with Showcase over time?

It's been really popular. I don't think we've gone one month without selling out. In February, we sold out of our first 10 in about a week. We've been pushing it really hard in sales meetings and demo'ing it with our agents, so it's been in demand. I think in some cases we've been able to lock down a listing or our agents have been able to win listings in competitive situations because they had access to Listing Showcase.

When you're talking to another agent or firm who isn't currently using Showcase, would you recommend it to them?

I would say no, so that we continue to have the advantage. That's a good answer for you. Look, the product's great. If I was going to sell my house tomorrow, I would buy a token for my own house. That's it.

Learn more about Dusty LaBossiere, or get more information about Listing Showcase.

The statements, opinions and thoughts provided above reflect the real experience of a Listing Showcase Customer. This individual's account has been voluntarily provided, and the customer has not received compensation, financial or otherwise, in exchange for these statements. This account reflects one customer's experience which is unique, and individual experiences may vary per customer. The Century 21 team referenced is a current subscriber of Listing Showcase and may not be representative of all Century 21 experiences and offerings.

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