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What listing enhancements can do for your next listing 

Today’s tools allow agents to create beautiful and interactive listings for any property.

March 26, 2024
1 minute

A growing number of listings are utilizing the latest in digital photography and technology to enhance their visual presence. Here are some of the tools being used to help attract potential buyers.

Virtual staging

Complement the home's unique style by adding realistic virtual furniture, rugs and decor laid over the photos of your choice in a listing. This can sometimes include the digital removal of current furniture in the existing photograph. 

A virtually staged living room

Twilight photography

Many buyers enjoy the look of a listing at dusk, with lifelike warm tones and cool hues. This feature allows you to provide that twilight experience, no matter when the photos of the property were taken.

Virtual home exterior at twilight

Interactive floor plan 

By mapping photos to floor plans, shoppers can navigate from room to room with a true sense of the space and be completely immersed in the home.

An interactive floor plan on a home listing

3D floor plans

The next level of interactive floor plans, 3D floor plans enable viewers to effortlessly navigate through a listing as though they were standing in the space.

3D floor plan of a home listing

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