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Lisa Nguyen, The International Group, RE/MAX Professionals; Tricia Lehane, RE/MAX Excalibur.
Lisa Nguyen, The International Group, RE/MAX Professionals; Tricia Lehane, RE/MAX Excalibur. (Illustration by Lanette Behiry/Real Estate News)

How a global referral network can drive local business for real estate pros 

Two agents share why aligning with a real estate brand recognized around the world, like RE/MAX, can open vast new possibilities for business.

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April 16, 2024
4 minutes

What happens when real estate professionals on every inhabitable continent are aligned under the same real estate brand? For one thing, referrals.

Take a global network like RE/MAX, which has a presence in more than 110 countries and territories — more than any other real estate brand — and is the most productive real estate network in the world, as measured by residential transaction sides.

Shawna Gilbert, SVP of RE/MAX Global and Commercial.
Shawna Gilbert, SVP of RE/MAX Global and Commercial. (RE/MAX)

"When real estate professionals align with RE/MAX, they're building their business on the back of an established brand — one consumers know and trust," says Shawna Gilbert, senior vice president of RE/MAX Global and Commercial.

"RE/MAX agents have a huge opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals around the world while also reaping the benefits of brand recognition in their own communities."

This is one of the leading reasons why Lisa Nguyen chose to grow her business with RE/MAX.

Nguyen is the leader of The International Group with RE/MAX Professionals in Lakewood, Colorado. Multiple languages are spoken within her award-winning team.

As the Denver metro area economy grows, the population in Nguyen's suburban market continues to tick upward. And when people from a variety of countries move to the Colorado community, Nguyen and her team are there to help with their real estate needs — in the language they prefer.

"Getting to make the homebuying process easier for people, especially those facing a language barrier, is an honor," Nguyen says.

"Being the leader of a team that specializes in helping people from other countries and cultures find a home means I need referral partners all over the world. That's why the global footprint of the RE/MAX network is such a benefit to my business."

Harnessing resources to grow global business locally

Finding international referral partners can seem daunting. But it's much easier in a global network.

Tricia Lehane, who has been with a RE/MAX brokerage for over seven years, points to the brand's flagship annual convention for networking and education: RE/MAX R4.

"I've gone to nearly every R4 since I've been a RE/MAX agent. The global aspect of the event is significant — you have the opportunity to learn about so many different cultures and spark friendships with agents from all over," says Lehane, an agent with RE/MAX Excalibur in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She finds that many connections — which span beyond borders and seas — are formed at the R4 Global Referral Exchange, a celebration of cultures comprising the RE/MAX network during which agents are able to establish connections face-to-face. At the 2024 R4, nearly 60 countries were represented.

Having spent her life living in both the U.S. and Canada, being a part of a global community was a priority for Lehane when choosing which brand to align with.

"RE/MAX was definitely an easy decision," she shares. "Everyone recognizes it, no matter where they are. I knew I wanted to take my business global, so this was meant to be."

Taking advantage of digital networking tools

Finding international referral partners can happen from thousands of miles apart, thanks to social media and other resources.

Lehane established a closed Facebook group for RE/MAX agents looking to grow their referral network. A perpetually growing online community, the group is a place where RE/MAX affiliates from all around the world share about their local real estate market.

"The Facebook group was designed to be another place for meeting new people and finding referral partners," Lehane says.

There are also innovative ways to navigate language barriers between real estate professionals while conducting business. Many agents use the RE/MAX Global Referrals Platform, a comprehensive technology tool that translates referral details into more than 50 local languages.

"With technology, it's so much easier for the world to come together. For real estate professionals looking to grow business from referrals, digital avenues like the RE/MAX Global Referrals Platform make that possible — and rather simple," Gilbert says.

Having these tools on hand can be invaluable for growth-minded agents.

"The agents finding the most success locking down international business deals are putting effort into their connections. They're attending networking events, engaging online, and using the resources they have available to them through their real estate brand," Gilbert says. "For those looking to grow business, tapping into the power of a global network is invaluable."

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