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NAR shakeup: The latest

Get the most recent updates on NAR’s change in leadership and the association’s work to earn trust with employees and its 1.5 million members.

The National Association of Realtors had a challenging 2023, and the turbulence has continued into 2024. Not only has the association been embroiled in a flurry of commissions lawsuits, it has seen significant turnover at the top, with multiple leadership changes putting the organization on shaky ground.

Kenny Parcell resigned as NAR president on Aug. 28, just two days after the New York Times published claims of sexual harassment, retaliation and a "culture of fear" at the association. And in early November, CEO Bob Goldberg resigned, more than a year ahead of his planned retirement. 

Tracy Kasper was installed as president following Parcell's departure and appeared to be righting the ship — but abruptly resigned on Jan. 8. The association now has its third president in less than five months.

This is a moment of significant change for the organization, and Real Estate News will continue to cover this story as it unfolds. Follow this page for our most recent stories and updates.

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Tracy Kasper resigns as NAR president following blackmail threat

Jan. 8

NAR president Tracy Kasper is stepping down after receiving a threat to "disclose a past personal, non-financial matter unless she compromised her position," the organization said in a statement. Kasper had been in the role for less than five months after becoming president at the end of August following the resignation of Kenny Parcel.

President-elect Kevin Sears is stepping into the role, effective immediately.

This story is developing.

Bob Goldberg out at NAR, Chicago media exec in

Nov. 2

NAR revealed that Bob Goldberg is departing as CEO, and Chicago media executive and startup co-founder Nykia Wright is stepping in as interim CEO. Wright said via a LinkedIn post that she is "honored to join the organization at this important moment."

Goldberg had previously announced plans to retire at the end of 2024. NAR said on Thursday that Goldberg will step down officially on Nov. 20 and support NAR as an "executive consultant" as the association seeks a permanent CEO.

The news of Goldberg's abrupt departure comes just two days after a jury ruled against NAR and in favor of home sellers in the landmark Sitzer/Burnett commissions trial.

Protest at NAR headquarters scheduled

Sept. 14

The NAR Accountability Project, created by real estate agent Jason Haber, will have a "day of action" on Monday, Sept. 18. Planned actions include protests and a press conference highlighting what NAR should be doing in light of the sexual harassment allegations that have plagued the organization.

The main protest and press conference are scheduled to take place outside NAR's headquarters in Chicago at 1 p.m. CST.

Haber is also encouraging agents in other parts of the country to participate in the day of action and sign a petition asking for leadership changes at NAR. More information can be found on the NAR Accountability Project website

"We're not going to stop until we see fundamental change over at the National Association of Realtors," Haber said on X (formerly Twitter) when he announced the project.

NAR president shares how the association will 'do better'

Sept. 8

In a video released Sept. 7, new NAR president Tracy Kasper offered an update on NAR's path forward, and a promise that "we will do and be better."

She said the organization will be taking the following actions:

  • Engaging outside experts to look at how NAR has been handling complaints of misconduct. "We expect that there will be recommendations to implement new and better safeguards and procedures," she said.

  • Looking at "the way that leaders are selected, the power and control that they have and how they interact with the association staff professionals."

  • Bringing in organizational culture expert Shaun Harper to provide additional guidance.

NAR stands by its CEO

Aug. 31

Less than a week after bombshell revelations about sexual harassment and a "culture of fear" at NAR, the association has affirmed Bob Goldberg in his role as CEO amid calls for Goldberg's resignation.

Statement from NAR president Tracy Kasper:

We know there are some who have been hurt, and we acknowledge that it is up to all of us at NAR to make the necessary change to create an atmosphere where they feel safe. The Executive Committee met today to discuss NAR policies and procedures related to complaints of member misconduct. We recognize there is so much work to be done. We will be seeking further input and considerations for action through recommendations of the Executive Committee and the Culture PAG.

The consensus among the Executive Committee is we need to rebuild trust with staff and members with meaningful change. We are bringing in third party experts to carefully and comprehensively look at what we're doing now for what works, what needs to be changed and what is missing. We also will support and empower staff in their similar efforts. The Executive Committee agreed we have a shared purpose and are united in support of our staff and that includes Bob.

Jason Haber, founder of the NAR Accountability Project, was surprised by the move, saying "They could have chosen to rebuild the The House of NAR, instead they are patching its growing cracks. ... We have much work left to do."

Agent launches NAR Accountability Project

Aug. 30

New York agent Jason Haber on Wednesday announced the formation of the NAR Accountability Project. The group is calling for NAR CEO Bob Goldberg's resignation, "and the rest of his leadership team needs to go as well," Haber said via X, formerly known as Twitter. About 1,000 agents are on board so far. Another priority is getting women released from NDAs that are not related to trade secrets so they may "speak their truth."

NAR shares Parcell news, talks next steps and praises staff's courage

Aug. 28

Late Monday, NAR dropped its story on Parcell's resignation and offered some additional details about employees and what's next.

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg apologized to the organization's 350 full-time staff members on a call Monday and in a memo afterwards, said:

"We are committed to taking real action toward rebuilding trust with staff and addressing the concerns we heard. We want to expressly acknowledge and express gratitude for you for coming forward to share your experiences. As an organization, we will seek to demonstrate the same courage you have all expressed."

NAR president resigns in the wake of sexual harassment allegations

Aug. 28

Kenny Parcell has stepped down from his role as NAR president just two days after a New York Times article detailed allegations of sexual harassment and a "culture of fear" within the organization. Idaho broker-owner Tracy Kasper took over as president.

  • In his resignation letter, Parcell called the accusations "categorically false" and said he was shocked by the "hurtful words, whispers and character assassination."

  • Sue Yannaccone, president and CEO of Anywhere Brands, called for "an urgent update to NAR's policies and practices on sexual harassment and discrimination."

  • New York real estate agent Jason Haber started a petition calling for Parcell's resignation. Haber said the campaign will now pivot to creating change at NAR, including elevating more women to leadership positions.

  • Following her appointment, new NAR President Tracy Kasper told members, "We are looking to make lasting and positive change and to do so as quickly as possible." 

Allegations paint picture of sexual harassment, 'culture of fear' at NAR

Aug. 26

A New York Times investigation into the National Association of Realtors paints a picture of systemic sexual harassment within the trade organization and highlights issues of intimidation, retaliation and "a culture of keeping quiet."

  • The Times spoke with 29 former leaders and employees about a years-long pattern of inappropriate behavior at NAR.

  • Multiple complaints targeted the association's president, Kenny Parcell, who denied wrongdoing and said his actions were "twisted and distorted."

  • NAR CEO Bob Goldberg said the claims in the article were "either validated, and we took action; or not violations of the law or our code of conduct … or not true."

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