David Doctorow

David Doctorow

Doctorow was an industry outsider when he joined Move in 2020, but during his tenure, the company has seen a sizable increase in revenue.

Current role:
CEO, Move Inc. / Realtor.com
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Power 200 Leadership Ranking:

Career journey

Doctorow joined Move Inc., operator of Realtor.com, as CEO in 2020, where he has led the company through a period of sustained growth. He began his career in finance, first as an analyst at an investment banking firm and then in corporate development at Deutsche Bank. He pivoted to consulting, moving into marketing roles with stints at McKinsey and Hewlett Packard. He was named chief marketing and strategy officer and SVP of global marketing at Expedia in 2011 before joining eBay in 2016 as the company's head of global growth.

In his own words

"My goal is to transform the experience of buying, selling, renting, and living in a house. Instead of a process that provokes anxiety, we're working to make it one that inspires confidence and engenders trust."

What others are saying

"David is a thoughtful, dynamic leader with vast experience in contemporary digital commerce, and thus the ideal individual to take charge at Move," said Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp.

Did you know?

Doctorow contributes to realtor.com's blog, "Homemade," and his posts include a video series called "At Home With David" featuring conversations with leaders from across the industry "designed to shed light on the evolving meaning of 'home.'"


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