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Move operates, the second-largest consumer home search portal, and several other real estate websites.

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Santa Clara, CA
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Approx. 2,500 (

Corporate evolution

Move has gone through several transformations since its incorporation in 1993 under the name InfoTouch Corporation — a company that sought to create an interactive network of real estate kiosks where consumers could search for homes. In 1996, under the name RealSelect, Inc., the company partnered with the National Association of Realtors and began operating In 1999, RealSelect was acquired by, which became Homestore, Inc. in 2002 and then rebranded as Move, Inc. in 2006. 

Move was purchased by media giant News Corp in 2014 but retains operational control of its real estate businesses, the largest of which is The real estate portal is licensed to operate by NAR as part of an ongoing agreement between the company and the trade association. 

In addition to, Move operates, a moving company search portal; Doorsteps, a rentals listing website; Avail, a rentals management platform; UpNest, an agent comparison site; and ListHub, a listing management platform. The company is currently led by CEO David Doctorow.

In their own words

Move Inc. provides unsurpassed real estate information, tools and professional expertise across a family of websites and mobile experiences for consumers and real estate professionals through all stages of the home journey.


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