Keller Williams logo and a laptop with the KW Command application running.
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KW Command updates include generative AI copywriting for ads 

Keller Williams also announced automated market snapshots and additional features as its CRM platform joins others in adding ChatGPT-powered capabilities.

December 6, 2023
2 minutes

Keller Williams has announced a number of updates to its Command CRM platform, including features that directly interface with its still fairly new paid ads experience as well as additional improvements for lead generation.

What's new? Keller Williams said that it has integrated generative AI into its paid ads feature within Command. The system interfaces with popular social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google's AdSense, which distributes ads across the internet. 

Specifically, KW says that the tool "uses AI and machine learning to generate high-performing headlines and body copy" for various ad templates. The company said that the feature is intended to help cut down the time and costs involved in agent marketing and advertising.

What else does it do? In addition to the generative AI-driven copy, KW also announced a number of other incremental changes to Command such as automated market snapshots, advanced contact filtering, transaction summary sheets, and expanded date and data fields. There are also some changes to the app as well, perhaps most notably new features specifically for team leads. KW refreshed Command earlier in the summer, announcing new features and improvements to the system workflow. 

Who else has this tech? While KW chief technology and digital officer Chris Cox said these updates give their agent "an unfair competitive advantage in the market," the Austin-based company isn't the only one integrating AI-generated copy tools into their tech suites.

In September, Compass announced a new CRM and client communication tool simply dubbed Compass AI that incorporated the "brain of ChatGPT wrapped in a Compass skin," to help agents with listing descriptions and client messaging. KW's tool is powered by ChatGPT and evolving to support other generative AI engines.

There are also at least a couple of newer personal assistant tech tools aimed at helping agents with similar tasks. Real Brokerage announced its Leo tool in May, which is a company-developed GPT — or generative pre-trained transformer — which was popularized by the breakout success of ChatGPT. Former Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff also got into the AI game this year by announcing his own personal assistant tool called HeyLibby.

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